Castle Spoilers: More On Ryan's Past In "The WIld Rover", Plus Fresh 100th Episode Deets

Castle Spoilers: More On Ryan's Past In "The WIld Rover", Plus Fresh 100th Episode Deets

Next week the 12th precinct team is lead to an Irish crime family Detective Ryan once infiltrated during a murder investigation, in "The Wild Rover".
Ryan will reveal some of his 'tough-guy' past when he reconnects with his narcotics contacts.

"He's mild-mannered and he's a family man. We always see him in the sweater vests and the ties," Seamus Dever jokes. But perhaps worse, Ryan has to reconnect with an old flame, which he can't tell his wife. "It cuts close to the bone," Dever says. "He can't explain all the things and he doesn't want to scare her and tell her that he's walking back into the hornet's nest."

“I know the fans are going to be very happy with it,” he says. “ We figure, ‘Oh, we know this guy; we love this guy,’ and then we — as a cast of characters — find out something about him that we don’t know and he has to go back into this world that he was in for this one episode. We really get to see him in a very different light.”
Fillion said the “rewarding” episode was a great chance to shine a light on Det. Ryan. “I love it when — and this happens in life — you figure you know somebody super well and they tell you something like, ‘Oh, I went to prison once.’ ‘WHAT!?!” he jokes. “It may not change your opinion of somebody but you certainly see them in a different light.”

The big 100th episode, airing April 1st, of Castle is fast approaching. EP Andrew Marlowe promises a major episode that will refocus on the core relationship between Beckett and Castle.

"We really wanted an episode that really focused on our main characters. We've had a lot of big storytelling this spring," Marlowe told us at the 100th episode celebration on the show's set. "We wanted to do something that put the lens front and center on the Beckett-Castle relationship and the Beckett-Castle dynamic. You know, something that could have played first season or any of the other seasons."

Source: TV Guide, Zap2it