Castle Spoilers: More On Caskett, The New Dynamic And What Themed Episodes Await

Castle Spoilers: More On Caskett, The New Dynamic And What Themed Episodes Await

Castle's Stana Katic recently spoiled about the blooming on screen relationship between Castle and Beckett. Katic teased a new feel to season 5, that's fun and naughty. She also revealed some details about a couple of the themed episodes Castle is famous for that is headed our way as the season continues.

"Nothing's ever perfect, but these two characters are definitely meant for each other. A part of the growth is, as an audience, we're going to discover what Beckett is like in a relationship. We haven't really seen that side of her -- the girl in Beckett, the one that doesn't have to be the alpha female in the room leading the charge, solving crimes and being the authority figure. There's another side to the character that we've only ever seen peripherally with her short-term romantic interests. It's new territory for the writers; it's new territory for the cast. There are a few bedroom scenes between Castle and Beckett that are a lot of fun, and we'll just leave it at that."

The New Dynamic
"We see the sensual side of both of them, and we also see them being vulnerable with one another. It’s very cheeky -- this entire season is tongue-in-cheek and naughty and fun. It’s been really neat to explore and play with that, and to see these two people get to know each other better. People will be well pleased with the amount of physical interaction the Castle and Beckett characters have."

Upcoming Season 5 Episodes
"We will be starting the Star Trek episode soon and the director is Jonathan Frakes who played #1 on “The Next Generation.” It'll be coming up after episode five, probably seven or eight. And we also have an episode that’s kind of documentary style story. The gang comes upon a story where a documentary team was filming the murder victim, and they decide to follow the team as they are trying to resolve the case. Of course there’s the added element of Castle and Beckett trying to keep their relationship secret while this documentary crew is following them around. We filmed it very much in the vein of “The Office,” so there was really interesting. There’s a lot of breaking of the fourth wall … it was funny getting used to playing with the camera and having the character be almost another character in the story. There are a number of episodes that I think will open up the storytelling and add some fun for viewers."

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post