‘Castle’ Spoilers: Major Changes For Beckett In The Must See Season Finale

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May 2, 2012

Castle Creator Andrew W. Marlowe spoils that Beckett will be going through some major changes in the May 7th season finale. Those changes, Marlowe reveals, will lead to the season 4′s climax.

And while I’m pretty sure that no one’s life will be hanging in the balance, Castle-Beckett fans will likely still be in for a long summer. Why? Marlowe says this finale doesn’t lend itself to a large time jump between seasons. “The way we’re ending this season, people will want to know what happens in the immediate aftermath,” he teases.

Source: TV Guide

  • Lilly

    I really hope that this final episode leads to CASKETT! We’ve been waiting so long, and dragging it on starts to get slightly boring. I like how the last episode ‘Undead Again’ ended because it promises that something is bound to happen soon, just a few more problems to solve like Beckett was hinting at that she didn’t feel safe around Castle lately and of corse Castle does not want that.