Castle Spoilers: Fresh 100th Episode Teases And Sweet Season Finale Deets

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March 14, 2013

It’s been all but spelled that Castle‘s Lanie and Esposito have been seeing each other secretly. Fans are dying to know if we’ll see a more serious connection before season’s end and I have the scoop right here.

At minimum, they’ll get some sexy-loooking-time. Tamala Jones confirms that, as hinted in the Valentine’s Day episode, the 12th precinct’s M.E. and detective “are seeing each other, and have been secretly seeing each other.” Moving forward, she teased, “I think possibly you’ll see a little bit more action between them [in Episode 100, airing April 1]. Everybody’s going to be looking spectacular, I can tell you that.”

Castle executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe spoils cans can expect an ‘emotional’ season-ender. Marlowe teases an big pay off when Kate finally learns the answers to a few of her burning questions about Rick.

“We’ve spent four and a half years really unpeeling who Beckett is, but we haven’t learned a lot about Castle,” Marlowe says. “We want to have Beckett look at that and wonder what kind of relationship she’s going to be in if he is withholding stuff. To what extent can he open up and be secure enough with her?” But before you start thinking breakup, let Stana Katic calm your fears. “There are some mini bumps,” she says,” but there is some high-stakes stuff that brings them even closer.”

Source: TV Live, TV Guide