Castle Spoilers: February Sweeps Might Not Bring Castle’s Dad

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December 21, 2012

Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe hinted earlier that we might get to meet Castle’s dad in this season’s February sweeps two-parter, however new reports indicate that now might not be the best time to address that elephant in the room. Here’s what Marlowe is saying about the upcoming episode’s alternate storyline.

“It’s certainly something that we’re thinking about seriously and trying to find the right angle in on,” show boss Andrew Marlowe explained to me. But as of a few days ago, it’s “not definitely” going to happen by sweeps. Instead, he says the Castle team is mulling an alternate storyline that promises the annual allotment of “big tension,” “personal stakes” and ” fun twists and turns.”

  • mariamurillo

    i’d rather have the castle’s dad storyline half the seasons have been about beckett make it about castle for a change otherwise you might as well change the shows title to Beckett instead of castle because this show is all about beckett and her issues and how Castle is always the one to sacrifice. I’d like a fresh storyline and i would like the two parter to be about castle for a change.