Castle Spoilers: Beckett’s Fangirl Side Gets Her Geek On In “The Final Frontier”

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November 2, 2012

I’ve already spoiled several new sneak peeks for this coming Monday’s fan friendly, comic-con inspired episode of Castle, “The Final Frontier”. Star Trek: The Next Generation alum, Jonathon Frakes, is directing and promises fans will thoroughly enjoy this ‘crowd-pleasing’ installment. Plus, Beckett will not only be getting in touch with her fangirl side, but her fangirl side will be getting in touch with Kate’s sexy side ;)

Frakes promises to deliver Nathan Fillion (as Rick) doing an “incredible” William Shatner impression, “much more comedy” than the Season 2 Castle he helmed and all-in-all a “wonderful forum for Beckett to reveal her fangirl side.” (Said simply: There’s photographic evidence of Kate once getting her geek on as a character from the episode’s Nebula-9 show-within-a-show – and her costume just might resurface in an extremely different context before the hour is over.)

Source: TV Line