Castle Spoilers Andrew Marlowe Teases The Beginning Of An Amazing Journey

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September 25, 2012

The fifth season of Castle premiered last night and it wasn’t a dream! Kate and Rick have finally made their way to each other in every way possible, but according to series creator Andrew Marlowe, the two have a long journey ahead of them as season 5 unfolds.

“Beckett is still under threat from Cole Maddox~guest star Tahmoh Penikett,” Marlowe says. “When [they] wake up the next morning … in that blissful bubble that they may be in, life has a way of coming in and bursting that bubble. Real life intrudes really quickly, and that is part of Beckett’s journey.” In addition, new character Sen. William H. Bracken~guest star Jack Coleman, has some “compelling information” about Beckett’s mother’s murder. “We follow a trail and discover that [Bracken] is somebody that has some insight into what’s going on,” Marlowe says. “It’s going to spin our characters in a different emotional direction. Once Beckett has that knowledge, what’s she going to do with it and who is she going to become? People fall in and out of bed with each other all the time,” Marlowe continues. “But what we’re dealing with is a much more emotional trajectory for these two, and we’re nowhere near resolving it. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome. Some of them will be really funny and some of them will be serious. There’s still a fun journey ahead of us,” he continues. “None of us feel like we’ve reached any kind of finish line. We’ve certainly reached a milepost, but to us this is the beginning of something, not the end of something.”

Source: TV Guide