Castle Spoilers: Andrew Marlowe Dishes On Tonight's Episode, "The Final Frontier"

Castle Spoilers: Andrew Marlowe Dishes On Tonight's Episode, "The Final Frontier"

Wetpaint scored an interview with Castle creator Andrew Marlowe about tonight's highly anticipated sci-fi fused episode, "The Final Frontier".

How would you tease tonight's sci-fi episode?

I think [tonight's] episode is a great ride. It's a lot of fun. It's a love letter to science fiction fans and Nathan's Firefly fans. And as a sci?fi geek myself, it was a great way to play in that world. It was a great way to honor that world and also poke a little bit of fun, and I think it is just something that the fans are going to eat up.

Anything you can tease about the nods to Firefly?

There are lots of little nods all the way through to just about every great title in the science fiction universe.

How would you tease Beckett's relationship with the sci-fi show and potential costume play in the episode?

Let’s just say Beckett's secret, inner geek gives Castle something to fantasize about.

It's funny how you made some of the actors not live up to Beckett’s expectations.

It's hard to avoid when you're dealing with a character who is an actor, who has been playing that role for a long time that when you meet them, they're a little bit self-involved in that. And whenever I think anybody meets their idols and realizes that they're human with human failings and human foibles, it's always a little bit disappointing, but it's also a little bit heartening that there are three-dimensional, fully-formed human beings behind the icons that we see on screen. And I think that any actor actually has that problem. They've played a character so long that people relate to them as that character, and if they aren't, there's a fundamental disconnect there. So we get to have a lot of fun with that.