Castle Spoilers: A New Vision And Troubles Ahead For Caskett!!

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October 9, 2013

Stana Katic spoiled more about the future of Rick and Kate in what’s shaping up to be an amazing season of Castle. Katic teases trouble ahead and recieves back-up from Molly Quinn.

“I think these two characters have strong opinions, and that will create a lot of conflict and opportunity for romance and interest, hopefully,” she tells us. “It would be a new kind of like, new version of the show. But they’ve been revolutionizing the show, I think, for the past two or three years, so I think that they did a nice job of kind of shifting it into the romance last year, and now finally into the engagement, and I’m already filming episode seven or right, and it seems like they’re doing a great job of kind of creating that shift.”

Katic also revealed that she could see things going a different way if Rick and Kate were to the Knot…Good, or bad wasn’t specified, but this is what Moly Quinn thinks!!

Molly Quinn told us that she doesn’t think a wedding between Castle and Kate will happen, at least not anytime soon. She even mentioned Alexis could sabotage it! Yikes! That’s it…we’re officially grounding her.