Castle Spoilers: 2013 To Deliver A Little Esposito Backstory, Senator Bracken, Plus Much More!!

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January 2, 2013

Castle returns next Monday, January 7th to ABC with “Significant Others”. I have a spoilery preview for a few of the upcoming episodes of 2013, including some Esposito backstory, Bracken’s return and Rick’s mysterious father.

  • An episode about an at-risk youth will reveal “a lot more of who Esposito is, what life was like for him growing up.”
  • The return of big, bad Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman) will be met by “twists and turns” that add a new wrinkle to the Johanna Beckett mystery.
  • Although creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms that there will be some further exploration of Castle’s father come February sweeps, he certainly isn’t the focus of the episodes. “I would not characterize the two-parter as being about his dad,” Marlowe says. “Hopefully we can find a great and elegant way to embrace Castle’s father’s mythology in a way that’s going to be exciting.”

Source: TV Guide, TV Line