'Castle' Spoilers: 13 Season 5 Premiere Teases For "After The Storm"

'Castle' Spoilers: 13 Season 5 Premiere Teases For "After The Storm"

September is finally upon us and that means that our favorite shows are will be back sooner rather than later, including Castle's 5th season premiere. Thanks to the screening gods, TV Line has brought us 13 spoilery teases from the season 5 opener, "After The Storm". Sit tight Castle fans, this season is going to be epic, all starting September 24th at 10/9c on ABC.

*When Kate asks in this promo, “So, you liked it?” Heh, turns out she’s speaking of something specific.

* Speaking of the promo, two quick cuts that seem to be from the same continuous moment are in fact not.

* This premiere had a very tricky task ahead of it, juggling the afterglow of Rick and Kate’s coupling (and the cutesy/sometimes downright funny moments that come with it) with the ever-looming threat of Cole Maddox. I’d say the show pulled it off well. Case in point….

* About two thirds of the way in, at the very instant I was thinking to myself, “I don’t think I’ve taken a breath yet” — the action/tension is ratcheted high, folks — Kate cautions someone, “Don’t… even… breathe.” Which I thought was spooky. But I’m easy that way.

* As series creator Andrew Marlowe told me during my set visit, the Vice President of the United States character is actually no biggie/no more than a background player. (And that’s not political commentary!) Jack Coleman, meanwhile, is excellent as a powerful U.S. senator.

* Castle’s deductive/observational skills come in extremely handy as they suss out a big lead on someone’s identity.

* The explosion in the promo? Yeah, someone dies there.

* It may not surprise you to know that parts of the hour are a real showcase for Stana Katic, starting with a scene where a deflated Kate admits, “I don’t know how to do this” and culminating in a nail-biting sequence towards the very end.

* Around the 20-minute mark (give or take, with commercials), you will let loose with a loud expletive. Though it will be the third time you have done so during the premiere, this one will be for “Holy s—!” reasons.

* This picture will make so much more sense in 23 days.

* An intense scene I saw them shooting while I was on set? Between Kate and [almost-spoiler]? It does not appear to have made the final cut. Huh.

* Some commenters have been disappointingly catty about what we will call “sheet placement,” as seen in the promo. Well, such snark will be proven moot within the first seconds. [Insert Nelson Muntz laugh]

* Kate’s bed!