Spoiler Round-up: Ryan's Wedding, Esposito & Lanie's Break-up, Plus Caskett Goodness

Spoiler Round-up: Ryan's Wedding, Esposito & Lanie's Break-up, Plus Caskett Goodness

Tamala Jones spoiled to Wetpaint about Ryan's upcoming wedding and her character's breakup with Esposito. The lovely Castle ME also dishes about the romantic Caskett goodness headed our way.

“You’re going to see us pointing a finger at each other — ‘It’s your fault!’ — but there’s going to be some stuff happening at Ryan’s wedding,” said Tamala. “I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s a must-see! Maybe at that wedding you’ll see an exchange of ‘This could be us’ between Castle and Becket,” hinted Tamala, but added that viewers should keep reading between the lines. “Action speaks louder than words, and there’s going to be a lot of action this season. I think what you’re going to see later on is Beckett attending to Castle in a way that shows that you know she loves this guy. He’s starting to feel it, and it’s going to be that unspoken thing where you just know.”

Castle Creator and EP Andrew W. Marlowe, reveals more about Ryan's upcoming nuptials to Jim Halterman.

"I wouldn't say bumps in the road but anytime a man is involved in planning a wedding for a number of reasons they can be particularly challenged by it. I think we're going to go with the situation honestly. We're not going to try to mine inappropriate conflict and tension there. It's all going to be the real stuff."

Marlowe goes on to spoil about Beckett's PTSD and what it means for Caskett and season 4.

"She's going to keep acknowledging those issues[PTSD] as we move forward. One of the things about the show is that for the most part since the beginning we've accessed all the storytelling through Castle's point of view. Beckett has been a mystery to him and he's peeled back her layers as time has gone by but I felt very strongly at the beginning of the season that it was time to start opening her up if not to Castle then a little bit to the audience. I think when she plays coy with him and she has a bit of the Mona Lisa smile or puts up her walls, there's a lot that the audience can read into it. In order to guide the audience in terms of what she's thinking about and what she's struggling with, I felt that having that access into her was going to be very important for them to understand what we were doing with the storytelling this year and why she's not fully committing to him and why she's dealing with these impediments that are getting in the way of having the relationship she wants to. We'll see that a couple more times this season. We have an episode coming up soon where there's a sniper loose in the city on a spree kill and in that she's going to have to confront some post-traumatic stress issues so we'll be using it for that as well."