‘Castle’ Spoiler Round-up: Phenomenal Sex, Secret’s And A More Dangerous Beckett for Season 5

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September 23, 2012

Castle’s Stana Katic recently spoiled about the upcoming season 5 premiere and how this season will stand out. Straight out of the gate Zap2it asked, “How’s the sex?”, and Katic replied with a definite “Phenomenal! Could not be any less than phenomenal.” Stana went on to tease that the two partners turned lovers will be getting to know one another in a different way this year.

“They’ve been good friends obviously for a few years now and wonderful coworkers and at this point they’re lovers. That opens up a whole different bag of worms. There’s so many different kind of layers to lovers.” Katic elaborates with mention of Rick’s previously failed marriages, “I think what we’ll discover is perhaps what happened to those failed marriages, and how dedicated can he be to a relationship that means more than a one-night stand? I think these two really enjoy each other, and enjoy exploring each other, both physically and intellectually. So I think what’s going to be exciting for the new season is that we’re going to get really cheeky.” However, “The NYPD has a strict policy about coworkers dating — they don’t allow it, so Castle and Beckett are forced to keep it quiet because they risk losing the working relationship. They’re obviously a powerful crimefighting duo and aren’t willing to compromise that. They have to be lovers [!!!] on the sly and keep it quiet for a while. It’s difficult to keep a secret like that in a room full of detectives,” admits Stana. “So that adds to the complication — sometimes a subtle glance or a telling word is said in the precinct that could threaten to blow the whole thing up. So you see these two characters facing that and also confronting each other about missteps they have along the way,” she says. “Which is great fun — it’s really a joy to play.”

Stana Katic on the differences we’ll see in Beckett as season 5 unfolds.

“Beckett’s facing the biggest battle. It’s definitely a powerful moment for the character. It’s interesting because it’s a chapter end, in a way. It doesn’t mean that the story’s not going to continue. What it means is we gave an arc to that character. We started off rather emotional about that part of her life and reactive and unable to process that in a way that would make her ineffective. And what we’ve seen is whether it’s from the guidance from [Castle] who constantly pushed her to stay focused on the evidence or from the wonderful help that the rest of the team offered her, she learned to think more clearly about that and in the end be more lethal. She’s a different girl this year. She’s more dangerous this year because she’s capable of thinking clearly especially on the one thing that was probably the most violent experience of her life, and also the biggest reason for her becoming a cop.”