Castle Spoiler Round-up: Mafia Themed Episode Cast, Plus More Themed Episodes For Season 5

Castle Spoiler Round-up: Mafia Themed Episode Cast, Plus More Themed Episodes For Season 5

Castle has created a delightful reputation with their themed episodes, and November sweeps will treat fans with a mafia-themed outing featuring guest appearances by Lost and Mad Men alum Patrick Fischler and Tony Denison from The Closer/Major Crimes. The episode will be titled, "After hours", and is slated to air November 19th. Here's the character descriptions with a spoilery side of storyline from TVLine!

Fischler will play Leo Conrad, a mild mannered witness to a murder who Castle and Beckett take on the run to protect him from a team of ruthless gangsters who want him silenced. Denison’s character, Mickey Dolan, is an enforcer with the McElroy crime family, who was friends with the victim until recently when they had a falling out.

Castle fans won't have to wait until November for a fun themed episode though, a Rock Band centered installment is headed our way October 15th. Jon Huertas~Detective Esposito spoils that his character will be flexing his vocal chops in episode 4, "Murder He Wrote".

"There's a case with a band, which I thought was really amazing," Jon told Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview. "They gave us an opportunity to really play with how we film the show, and they allowed me to actually sing in the episode on camera in front of everybody. I think it's Episode 4. It's a lot of fun. You're going to love it!"

Tamala Jones also gushed about the episode, teasing what fan's can expect to see.

"Oh my God, the death in Episode 4 is crazy!" she teased in an interview with The Insider. "It involves a rock group and it's the first time you'll see all the characters having to play to the camera [because] it's a rock documentary. As actors you're taught not to look at the camera, so we're all freaked out."

Source: WetPaint
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