Spoiler Round-up For 'Castle': The Aftermath Of Beckett's Shooting

Spoiler Round-up For 'Castle': The Aftermath Of Beckett's Shooting

Well kids, the spoiler fairy has dropped a few scooplets our way for Castle. Beckett's shooting will send Alexis into hyper drive, while Lanie and Esposito have some relationship hiccups and Castle's love life heats up!

In the aftermath of Beckett’s shooting, Alexis will fear for her father’s safety more than ever and Beckett will be on the receiving end.

“There’s definitely going to be some words and heat between Alexis, Castle and Kate Beckett,” says Molly Quinn, adding that Alexis “still respects” Beckett, “but at the same time [it's like], ‘This isn’t your life. This isn’t your dad. You don’t understand.’”

Tamala Jones' recent promotion to series regular may mean the end for Lanie and Esposito!

While Jon Huertas~Esposito confirms that we’ll see “a lot more of [the pair] interacting as a couple” this season, he adds that producers “want to go all the way to where we may break up. It may be because of Ryan and Jenny and their relationship and where they’re going as a couple into marriage. It might make Lanie or Esposito say, ‘Maybe I want to get married’ — and maybe the other person doesn’t.”

Castle’s getting a new lust interest!

The show is casting the potentially recurring role of a “gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated art insurance investigator” who takes an immediate liking to Cas — and vice-versa. The twist? Ms. Insurance Lady is hiding a surprising past!

Source: TV Line