Castle Spoiler Round-up: Back To The 12th, Plus Fresh Esplanie Scoop!!

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September 30, 2013

Castle airs the conclusion to it’s clifhanger of a season opener, “Dreamworld”, tonight @10/9c on ABC. However, I’d like to look further on into episode 3, “Need To Know”; looks like Beckett is headed back to the 12th for a case, which put’s Castle’s abode over the limit on occupancy. There is also some Lanie and Esposito goodness headed our way in the very near future.
Hit the comments below with some pre-episode discussion about tonight’s episode and whatever else is worth it’s weight in spoiler gold!!

Beckett’s FBI Future
The photos from Episode 3, “Need to Know,” reveal that Beckett soon enough has cause to revisit the 12th, when a high-profile case that Ryan and Espoito are working catches the Feds’ attention. In fact, the instant that Castle talks his way into helping out the boys, “Beckett and McCord come in and take over the case,” show boss Andrew W. Marlowe previews. “So now it’s the boys against the girls. And Castle’s caught in the middle.” Bonus scoop: Having been on set for this episode, I can tell you that at one point they needed to do a close-up of Caskett’s hands as one slipped something small and shiny to the other.

Lanie/Esposito Scoop
Creator Andrew Marlowe reveals that, “some Esposito/Lanie stuff coming up towards the end of the fall that we’re going to be exploring.” Between that, Ryan’s imminent fatherhood and, well, Alexis/Pi, “We’re taking a look at our secondary characters and having fun with them.”

Castle & Beckett’s Living Arrangements for Season 6
Stana Katic teases, “I wonder where they’re going to live this season…” After all, she noted, with Pi now slinging papaya all over the place, more than ever “Castle’s loft is Union Station!”

  • Lauren

    I’m SEVERELY disappointed in CASTLE! I can’t stand the people Kate Beckett works with in D.C., they are two dimensional and have ZERO personality. What made Castle awesome was the way Kate and Rick clicked and the other characters at the precinct. There was humor, and mystery! With Kate in the Feds, there is ZERO MYSTERY! There is no who done it! The Feds are flat characters, no dimension, no life worth exploring. They’re dry like a desert. I miss the police station, and Laney, Esposito, Ryan, even the bull dozing captain! As for Alexis, when did she become a moron? Since when does Alexis fall for an idiot like Pi. That is not a name! Alexis is smart and dated clean cut smart guys, not slobs without names who are freaking moochers! Pi is a bum and needs to go!!!!!!!! How stupid is she to allow a loser like that to MOOCH off her family! And he’s a SLOB! You want to make Castle really interesting, have Alexis date a cop! That would be interesting. And bring Kate back to NEW YORK. I don’t like Kate as a fed, there are no mysteries, it’s all bureaucratic crap! If I wanted to watch politics I’d watch the news. Castle is supposed to be about murder mysteries!!!!! I want my murder mysteries back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tycoon

    I totally agree with Lauren 100% and as far as the idea that Seamus D. pitched at the Paley this year I totally think that would be awesome but like have Kyra Blaine come to the murder mystery mansion and she has to pretend to be having an “AFFAIR” with Rick whom is supposed to be “MARRIED” to Kate for the game and most definately have Ryan and Esposito play a gay couple that would be an AW wait for it SOME “AWSOME” episode.