Castle Shows Beckett Exactly What Kind Of Man He Is!

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January 10, 2012

EW has a spoilery treat for Castle fans by way of fabulous Caskett tease! In an upcoming episode of Castle Kate will get to size up exactly what kind of family man Richard Castle could be. Tell me what you think about this adorable relationship milestone.

“There’s some fun to be had with the Castle-Beckett relationship [because] our victim is a celebrity dog show host and famous dog trainer. And in the aftermath of his death, his beloved golden retriever is left family-less. So Castle and Beckett get to enjoy sharing custody of the dog and I think it brings out stuff in their relationship that’s a lot of fun,” Marlowe said. “The swoon-power of attractive men interacting with adorable dogs can not be understated and Beckett will be no exception, especially since Castle’s conduct will reveal a lot about the type of man he is — and the kind family man he could be. Don’t you think a lot of women do that? Don’t you think Kate would be paying attention? I would think so,” he teased.