Castle “Secret Santa” Spoilers: Castle And Beckett Will Have An Emotional Holiday

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November 15, 2012

The December 3rd episode of Castle, “Secret Santa”, is fast approaching and creator Andrew Marlowe spoils that Beckett’s and Castle ‘hush-hush’ relationship will soon be out in the open. Marlowe teases the holidays will be a mixed bag emotion.

“We’re going to move beyond it. There’s only so much storytelling we can sustain,” he says. “Capt. Gates is certainly the big issue. How is she going to react? Is that going to threaten the partnership?” So will that reveal be a Christmas gift to viewers or a big lump of coal? “[We] will be dealing with the good of the holiday season — and the bad,” Marlowe teases.

  • Nick

    I’m really excited about the upcoming Christmas episode of Castle! I’m so happy that my coworker at DISH told me to watch this show, because it is amazing. With so much on TV on Monday nights, it’s hard to watch everything that’s on, but thankfully DISH’s Hopper records all four major networks with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so I don’t have to worry about missing any of my shows. I can’t wait for more of this season, because it has been amazing so far, and I think this episode will be great for it!

  • Jennifer Castanati

    The Christmas episode 5 x 9 – is sounding more like a train reck, than a Merry Christmas. Maybe, Castle will replace the two broken ‘gemini dolls’ and win captain Gates heart in the face of possibly being parted from his lady love. It is also clear that Kate is in melt-down mode again, this time over the Holiday with Castle, before that the Hamptons. Kate has drama somewhere in her relationship past, that is a doozie and we viewers need to get this piece of Kate’s back story, before the relationship goes any further with Caskett and / or Kate and Castle – like she told Lanie, “She knows who Castle is and who he is not.” So, why all the drama, over Christmas with Castle, why are the drama over the Hamptons, which had nothing to do with other women, or episode 5 x 8 the dinner with the parents – here we go again! Come on Marlowe… fill us poor viewers in on why this car reck that is Kate Beckett’s, ‘emotional cliff’ and a road block that could keep her from having the relationship – that she really wants – and why she keeps trying to jump off of it!