Castle Season 6 Spoilers: ‘Saved by the Bell-esc’ Episode, Plus More Esplanie

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August 1, 2013

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Castle’sTamala Jones’ spoiled she was looking forward to more “Esplanie,” in season 6 and Creator Andrew Marlowe seems happy to oblige.

“There was a scene cut from their break-up because of some time issues that I think leaves a little lack of clarity in terms of what happened and where they are,” Marlowe says. “I think we owe it to the fans to give them an explanation of what’s going on in their relationship.”

Bonus Scoop

The show is about to stage a kinda-sorta Saved By the Bell reunion. In an upcoming episode titled “Need to Know,” the cast of an early-’90s sitcom called 2 Cool For School is reassembling for a new movie when — egad! — its version of Screech is offed!

Source: TV Line