Will ‘Castle’ Be Renewed For Season 5?

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May 8, 2012

Season 4 finale of Castle aired on May 7th, but no official news has been released about season 5 of ABC’s hit crime drama although diehard Castle fans have been speculating for months about the Season 5 renewal.

Season 4 of Castle premiered with a whopping 14.35 million viewers and has averaged out to 10.81 million viewers each week. Beckett and Rick’s crime fighting escapades boast one of ABC’s better index’s at 1.82, which is on pace with CSI: Las Vegas, Revenge and Glee. However, ratings are not the only contributors to Castle’s fervent success; the series’ online fanbase has sky-rocketed over season 4 and continues to spread through the social media like wildfire.

May 15th is ABC’s “upfront” presentation where ABC announces their new and returning series so I guess we won’t have to wait much for official announcement. In the meantime check out our  latest post on  Castle Season 5 spoilers!

  • Rosedustyhoney

    Bravo, Bravo, Ringraziarla molto!  A well done ending with the perfect cliff hunger.  The battle to save Kate is just beginning, and there are more complicated characters coming our way to interact with these two, for one Castle’ father, and possibly a brother. There interpersonal relationships that are being reshaped also – Alexi, Martha, and Kate’ father. Things are about to get really interesting, including what’s next for Kate.

  • Anonymous

    i though it was already renewed, screw csi las vegas castle is much better

  • T Lombardi17

    It was renewed already! Go Twitter–> Nathan Fillion. Facebook–> Castle. Get your info right!

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej

    Check the date of this article…

  • Joananikolova

    Hi I’m from Bulgaria and here Castle is hit. The end of season 5 was realy cool