Castle Season 5 Episode 10 “Significant Others” Guide And Photos

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December 20, 2012

ABC has released the official synopsis and a whole set of promotional images for the January 7th return of Castle, “Significant Others”. General Hospital’s Jack Wagner guest stars as a pro golfer whose career went down in flames after a nasty divorce, while Nancy Lee Grahn, also a General Hospital star guests as a wealthy divorcee caught in a “War of the Roses”-like struggle with her ex-husband.

  • When a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could be the murderer.
  • Meanwhile, Castle’s ex-wife~Darby Stanchfield, Scandal, Meredith, moves into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono.
  • To make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness.
  • lee

    Problems with Castle Season Five

    Andrew Marlowe . Get off the way you do “close ups” in
    action mode, spend a dollar and do it right its cheap shooting and you know it distracts
    from QUALITY of the show. “NOT SO CLOSE” all the time – OK

    Try more group shots instead of over the shoulder ( rest my sore
    eyes ) gives more depth in the station etc.

    Also so many undercurrent stories in one show, this needs to
    be cut down a tad. Ratings can’t be wrong and you need to rethink a quality timeline
    you use for your main actors Rick and Kate.

    Forget the last scene with anyone else but Rick and Kate. Main
    actors to close – Just dumb by NOT DOING IT. Hurts the next week timeslot.

    Actor Rick – Lose some WEIGHT NOW NOW! LOOK AT SEASON 1 face – you are now a puffer
    fish and looking old and tired. At a $100k plus a show use a trainer. Steven
    Seagal is not sexy or can move on the screen with his weight and nor can you

    Kate – Whoever dresses
    or advisers Kate to dress in the show needs to be “shot or fired”. Kate
    looks great so what’s the problem getting great clothes (hint she can now
    afford it). Kate also needs to be two people, a tough cop and a soft lover.

    Re Caskett Yes some more time needs to be assigned to them
    in the show instead of a 2 min scene and then going off on a tangent. More playfull Kate with Rick. More morning scenes like After the Storm before
    the murder call etc would be good. More
    fun like the pool scene etc.

    And yes more real kissing do I have to say it too. Tease too much and I am gone and you are. A
    good Red Butler moment would be fun.

    More personal stuff and hint of the wedding or moving in TOGETHER. Kill off Martha or send he on a roadshow
    out if town In that order.

    Attention writers – More
    CIA type, New York bomb stuff or saving
    the world stuff story lines. Quality not junk. Not so many sub plots. Eg Martha or Alexis all
    the time. Give space and more time for Rick and Kate.

    More personal lines and more in Jokes between the Rick and

    Signature move between them, for example hand on a cheek or shoulder
    in the squad room when leaving should be