‘Castle’ Season 4 Episode 14 “The Blue Butterfly” Photo & Spoilers

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January 23, 2012

Castle’s upcoming film nior episode, “The Blue Butterfly”, is generating all the buzz and I not only have a killer still to share, but the spoilery deets as well. Enjoy this run down of who our favorite characters will be transforming into for episode 14 and sound off in the comments with your thoughts :)

The more we hear about the ABC drama’s 1940s-set noir episode, the more killer-diller it sounds. Thus far we knew that Castle’s retro alter ego is a Sam Spade type, while Beckett transforms into a gangster’s moll – specifically, the arm candy of a crooked club owner played by Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural, The Closer). “Stana [Katic] looked fantastic,” Pellegrino told me of the costumed shoot. “I mean, she was dressed to kill.” Not that the fellas were slouches. “I loved being in those double-breasted suits, the pinstripes, hair slicked back…,” Pellegrino raved. “It was definitely a great thing.” Summing up his character, Pellegrino says that whereas Nathan Fillion made like Spade (“And he was so good at it”), he himself channeled James Cagney, rat-a-tat speech patterns and all. And though Beckett may be his gangster’s gal, Pellegrino says the brunette beauty’s angsty chemistry with Castle’s ’40s sleuth “mimics” what the duo share back at the NYPD.

Source: TV Line