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'Castle' Season 4 Episode 02 "Heroes And Villains" Character Details

This superhero themed episode of Castle will not disappoint. A list of characters was recently revealed for "Heroes And Villains", and they are saucy to say the least. Here's what we know:

  • Paul Whittaker: 5'9" or taller, crime beat reporter for the New York Ledger. Seemingly shy and timid, but he is hiding a surprising secret.
  • Tony "The Butcher" Rizzo: A wise guy in a shiny suit. He has a record for drugs and is believed to be connected to the mob. A life-time criminal, he is not at all rattled by the cops.
  • Mike: Enthusiastic clerk at Comictopia- New York's #1 comic book store.
  • Mrs. Burke: 50, the mother of our murder victim Tyler Burke. Having lived a hard life, she is not surprised that her son's life has come to a tragic end.
  • Marie Marcato: 25, sexy, terrified after a scary encounter with Tyler Burke.
  • Tyler Burke: 32, hard-faced ex con. Seen chasing a woman down an alley before meeting his untimely death.
  • Old Lady: Seen on a cell phone video being mugged.

This an unofficial fan made video, but so awesome I had to share!

Castle | 4.01 Rise Promo from Jessica Ross on Vimeo.

What do you think "Heroes And Villians" is all about Castle fans?
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