‘Castle’ Season 4 Episode 01, “Rise” Promo

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August 29, 2011

The folks over at ABC have finally released a new promo for the season 4 premiere of Castle, “Rise”. The intense promo features new footage, including a glimpse of the showdown between Josh and Castle and Kate flatlining in the hospital. Enjoy my fellow Castle fans :)!!

  • Nobody

    Series should have ended right there: Beckett dead, “I love you,” bittersweet. The End. (Her character was wicked annoying anyway.)

  • Rplaichzeit

    Hell no,the series is too good to only last 3 seasons.That would be completely retarded to have a series thats doing so well to end so soon.Castle will be on air for years to come I bet.Its better than most other crap shows on….besides NCIS(not the los angeles one,that one sucks)