‘Castle’s’ New Captian And More From Ryan And Espositio In Season 4

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June 15, 2011

Earlier I spoiled that Captain Montgomery’s replacement on Castle is going to be female. Now we have some more dishy details to share about the new woman at the NYPD.

According to E!, she’ll be in her late 40′s to early 50′s with ambition and good-looks. She’ll be career-minded and more adept at politics than police work and will view her new position as Captain as more of a way to climb up the NYPD ladder. Captian 2.0 will be somewhat of a hard-ass to her co-workers, but will keep a fun and flirtatious side on reserve.

Also, in a recent chat with everyone’s favorite right hand side-kick, Jon Huertas~Esposito, he reveals that he and partner Ryan~Seamus Dever will have a more developed storyline when season 4 of Castle returns in the Fall.

“In discussions I have had with Andrew Marlowe, they’re opening up a lot more of Esposito and Ryan’s stories and their home life and their personal life and how they deal with the Captain being killed,” Huertas said.

Source: EOnline, JonHuertasFan.com

  • Iloveglitterandsparkles

    when does the season start????

  • Ryan lover! <3

    September 19th at 10:00 Monday!

  • Ryan lover! <3

    WOO HOO!!!!! I LOVE these two!!!! Can’t wait for a back story! :D