Castle Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Rick’s Christmas Tree And Much More For “Secret Santa”

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November 8, 2012

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Castle’s first Christmas episode, “Secret Santa”, that will mark season 8′s mid-season finale. Creator Andrew Marlowe has deemed the episode heartfelt and charming, spoiling that there will be several surprises throughout. According to TV Line something will do it’s best to keep our new lovebirds apart during their first Christmas as a couple.

I can confirm that the Dec. 3 holiday-themed outing will answer the age-old question: If Rick had a Christmas tree, what exactly would it look like? Also, who would help him decorate it? (Answer to the second Q is Alexis and Martha.) The bigger news, however, is that something conspires to keep Rick and Kate apart on Christmas — and that something is *o**.