Major Wedding Scoop On 'Castle', Plus Dirty Politician Deets

Major Wedding Scoop On 'Castle', Plus Dirty Politician Deets

Tamala Jones and Juliana Dever share some spoilery Castle scoop about January's 'phenomenal' wedding episode!

“She’s got a wall up but I think that Esposito is breaking her down at this point, and you’re going to see a little bit of that [this] week,” Tamala Jones teases. “She’s going to come clean about how she truly feels about him…but I definitely don’t think Laney is done with Esposito.” Jones goes on to spoil, “There will be some interesting exchanges going on with everyone in the episode — Castle/Beckett and Lanie/Esposito. You’re going to also see some jabs that she will be taking at Esposito all the way leading up to the wedding [episode],” she says. “So you get some entertainment with her going back and forth between her work and having to deal with this issue because they do work together. You’ll get to understand a lot more about Lanie.””

“Oh my God, that is going to be the episode,” Dever’s real-life wife Juliana Dever teases. “I mean, Castle episodes are all good but this one, the wedding episode, I think it’s going to be phenomenal."

In another upcoming episode of Castle, a dirty politician falls under investigation and this particular politician is near and dear to Castle's heart.

The politician in question is the mayor and he finds himself implicated in the murder of a woman who had just met with an agent to discuss an explosive book deal. The likely topic of the book: the mayor's penchant for employing a service known as "Dial-a-Goddess."

Source: EW, TV Guide