Kate’s Memories, Esposito Steps Up And A New Man In, “Kill Shot”

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November 18, 2011

TV Line has a spoilery teaser for Monday’s all new episode of Castle, “Kill Shot”. Kate’s wrenching memories of her shooting will resurface when she’s forced to face another sniper. There’s more to come from this amazing interview on Monday, and I’ll be sure to keep you posed ;). Meanwhile, sound off below about who or what this new man in Beckett’s life could be!

She brings it, quick, often and heart-wrenchingly, as Kate’s memories are jostled anew. (Expect waterworks on both sides of your TV screen.) You’ll see a lot of her scar and her shrink (whom she hightails it to after one big breakdown). Jon Huertas also shines in the episode, as Esposito, a sniper himself, tried to help Beckett stand up to her demons. On the lighter side, Alexis’ smarts help dig up a clue about the killer, and you’ll hear of a “new man” in Kate’s life. His name is Roger and, she effuses, he has “the most incredible…”