Fresh ‘Castle’ Spoilers’: Captain “Iron” Gates Showing A Different Side

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April 19, 2012

Penny Jerald Johnson of Castle, plays the seriously prickly Captain of the 12th, Voctoria “Iron” Gates. The lovely star spoiled that in the coming episodes Captain Gates might be warming to Rick’s presence at the precinct. Plus, she teases her beefed up role and what fans can expect to see.

“I don’t know if warming is the word, but I think she takes notice of Castle. And then she’s calculating [his] worth or not worth. And we’ll see what that tallies up to.” Johnson goes to reveal, “You’re going to see her do her job, [and] do her job well. I’m excited about a couple of episodes that we just finished, and I think that she’s really in her element. I had a blast shooting them. I’m a pretty good critic when it comes to myself and what I’m looking at. I think my rhythm is heard. The writing, for me, on a personal note, has just totally improved and it makes going to work really a lot of fun. The scripts are really fabulous.”

Source: Wetpaint