Deet’s On Castle’s New Love Interest, A Different Side To Ryan, Plus Casting News

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August 27, 2011

If you’re worried about Castle newcomer The Killing‘s Kristen Lehman driving a wedge between our beloved Caskett, don’t be.

I hear she’s only in one episode as of now and has a pretty darn good story while she’s there. She isn’t the female Josh (a.k.a. ‘ship wrecker!). But while Lehman is only in one episode, I can’t say the same for Beckett’s psychiatrist, played by Michael Dorn. He makes his second appearance in Lehman’s episode. (The first being the premiere.)

I also have a nice Castle side dish concerning the 3XK episode they’re currently filming, “Kick the Ballistics”.

You’re going to see a side of Ryan you’ve never seen before. Also, a bit of casting news! I hear recurring White Collar player Ross McCall (who plays Keller) will take on a role in the ep as a cop who figures into the case. Also appearing? Lost‘s Francois Chau!

Source: EW