‘Castle’ Renewed For Season 4

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April 4, 2011

Update: Check out some spoilers on Castle Season 4 from Creator Andrew W. Marlowe.

ABC announced at the Television Critics Association midseason press tour that Castle has renewed for season 4. Moreover, ABC President Paul Lee praised the shows creative form and performance this year in the not so great Monday-at-10 timeslot. This amazing third season of Castle has topped CBS’s Hawaii Five-O reboot several times and has continued to ‘show its mettle this year’, Lee gushed.

“It’s a show that I think hits the target of our brand. We have a really powerful procedural there.”

The ratings for Castle continue to dominate, with another season high Monday in the 18-49 demographic, coming in second only to Dancing With The Stars. Castle drew a staggering 12.556 million views adjusting up to a 3.2 rating.

Spoilers Guide will be covering season 4 of Castle and I will be delivering all the spoilery goodness to you. So, be sure to check back in for news, photos, promos and all things Castle. Sound off below with your thoughts on Season 3, or you know, anything you want to speculate and discuss ;)!

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  • Sherwriter76

    OMG Season Finale # 3 was amazing. Can’t wait for season 4. Awesome writers, thank you for bringing us Castle. 

  • Jamiec_79

    She can’t die! Omg! Can next season start next week?

  • hammy

    I know right. Wasnt the season finally horrible. You just have to hate and love the writers at castle at the same time. ;). You know she cant die though because she is a main character. Ughhh all this did was make me anxious for season 4 to come.

  • Mpreston22

    Omg that was an intense episode…..finally he said he loved her! Can’t wait for season 4!

  • Tomochka

    need some spoilers for season 4! 

  • Tomochka

    need some spoilers for season 4! 

  • guest

    bah. She won’t remember what he said to her due to th shock/trauma.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rthompson5 Robyn Garrett Thompson

    I’m praying it was a staged death to throw of what was left of Lockwood’s crew.  She’ll have to “hide out” for a while then play the lead in the hunt to kill off the “other man pulling the strings.”  

  • Dunkarooz

    I totally agree! If she did, I would be completely surprised. 

  • Dylan morrow

    man did kate die or pass out in the finale of season 3 

  • lkas1

    Not Montgomery! Tell me he’s not really dead. Tell me it was all staged to lure out the killers. Of course Beckett can’t be dead, but I was so sad watching Montgomery’s family at the funeral.
    And FINALLY, Castle! It’s about dang time!

  • Devo

    Well she could die the show is called CASTLE after all. Just think they would lose some views if they killed of the main characters love interest. because that love interest is another thing that keeps us coming back for more. Keep it up writers im enjoying every episode and I cant wait until the next season starts. 

  • Guest

    I am like obsesed with castle and today the ending made me cry i need season 4 nowwwwwwww 

  • Guest

    she did not die she is in a coma 

  • can watch em again

    absolutely fantastic !!!  Can’t wait for next season !!

  • ninja89

    now we all have to wait for season 4. I can not wait that long.

  • Shortsuzzy232

    This is the best show on T.V.!  I love the whole cast, the season finale was great, awful, nail biting, and completely wonderful.  Thanks for a great season 3 and I know season 4 will be just as great!

  • really

     If they killed Becket on my birthday imma be pissed

  • Itsjustuz

     oooh spoilers! how do you know, I need info!

  • Itsjustuz


  • Itsjustuz

    ikr! september? seriously? are they TRYING to kill us?If she wakes up from whatever, fainting, coma, passing out and can’t remember Castle saying he loves her I will throw something. Oh btw, anyone else notice that it was Kate/Rick not Castle/Beckett when he was talking to her about quitting! I LOVE THEM! 

  • Itsjustuz

    she cannot die!!!!! 

  • Itsjustuz

    IK! Also who’s gonna be the new captain! If it’s beckett that would be kinda awesome but not the same! ahhh I love/hate that episode!

  • Itsjustuz

    If she doesn’t Imma throw something

  • Mavvelz

     i want to know is stana out in season 4?

  • castlegeek

    I was just able to watch last, will have to watch a 2nd time tonight to even remotely try and beleive what I saw.  This is the best love/hate story I have ever seen.   It is season 4 yet.!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank goodness for dvr, if I would have missed this I would have broken ever rule and watched  on my little computer screen.  That in itself says DESPERATE.   

  • Da4

     yes,season 3 ended quit well.am so eager  to see season 4.castle  for sure is the best drama series

  • guest25

    i think she will go undercover. 

  • ilus77

    Wikipedia’s article about Det.Beckett says that the network said “Kate is definitely dead and won’t be coming back next season”……..I hope it is just the ploy to get the fans crazy!!!!

  • kaylan

     here’s my thoughts or more less hopes… Maybe the whole death of Captain was a fake, so that he could help in solving the case, maybe she fakes dead as well, she probably was wearing a bullet proof vest… hopefully they both return next season! 

  • Guest

     what is going to HAPPEN?! Ugh, edge of my seat.

  • Connie G.J.


  • Natasha

    You can NEVER trust Wikipedia about TV shows!! They are notoriously inaccurate! There have already been Season 4 Spoilers released with Kate in them :) Check it out here: http://www.spoilersguide.com/castle/creator-promises-confrontation-and-conflict-ahead-in-season-4/
    Thanks for posting!!

  • Kristinaskreations1991

    WOW, WOW, WOW, The finale was awesome, great story line, I think the bar owner did it, he was in it all along, I don’t think she’s dead, she just passed out, but Holy Cow, that was an exciting finish.

  • Deb

    Yes—why didn’t Montgomery wear his bullet-proof vest—and Beckett for that matter?  Or did she?   Maybe if she has to hide out due to a faked death—it will be with Castle.  One can only hope. 

  • nisndasndoa
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  • Holeszkaaa

     Yes I am from czech republik and I cant wait for season 4!!!! OMG!!! I hope Beckett do not forget what Castle tell her…It was amazing!!!! We are waiting 3 years for the words “I LOVE YOU”!

  • bob

    She won’t die. She is just as important to the show as Castle. Neither of them will die. 

  • Peace_opp

    Simply loved it… after prison break, its simply the next best thing… hope season 4 is in d makin… cant wait… keep it up…

  • Natasha

    Thanks for posting ;)!!

  • iwantacastleT-shirt

    OMG–!! the season finale was AWESOME–!! my eyes were overflowing with tears……i’m going to miss you Captain Montgomery! …….KATE BECKETT CANNOT DIE–!! I love the character sooo much~~~  

  • laynej13

    It was definitely not one of those finale’s that you could have guessed 5 minutes into the episode. So many twists and just when you think it’s done BAM! they mix it up again. Only one thing comes to mind; it just doesn’t get better than Castle!

  • laynej13

    It was crazy. I had such high expectations just because i LOVE castle and it STILL reached above and beyond my expectations!

  • laynej13

    I KNOW! I loved it:)

  • laynej13

    I agree. I think everyone knows she’s not going to die, the real question is; Will she remember those 3 words he told her, or will she wake up and not remember anything? Or pretend not to remember? So many unanswered questions…

  • laynej13

    me too. Like seriously…throw something big heavy and sharp.

  • laynej13

    I like the idea, only hitch is i think she really got shot.

  • Bex

    I thought that Beckett died. Yay! I am so happy there will be another season. I was like crying during the season 3 finale.

  • Ahannahaha

    Stana (Kate) quit castle. Thats why they made her die.

  • Hsmforever

    OMG! This seris almost makes me wanna pee my pants!!!! It’s so intense and I feel like I wanna go to holly wood and yell at the cast to “GET OFF THEIR LAZY BUTTS AND MAKE THE NEXT SEASON!!!!”

  • Atlantis2107

    I loved all the series of Castle!! :P I just didn’t liked the end of the third serie. I think Beckett should not die!!!

  • melissa

    OMG i so cant wait !!! :D :D season 3 left me hanging for more, i cant wait for season 4 :D
    castle really is the best show on tv, i really hope Beckett and castle start dating :D

  • melissa

    she just passed out :)

  • marjon

    Me too… love them… they make such an awesome couple… dying to see the next season!! sept is too far away!! :(

  • Marjon

    very true…. i really hope she remembers the 3 imp words!! :)

  • Marjon

    am sure she wont die!!! she just cant!!

  • Andycampbell

    I only recently started to watch castle, and i can say its as bad as heroin. I say this because i watched well all 3 seasons in a week while i was off from work sick. I dont think its aired in the UK or at least if it is, its a time when am working. Each season ended better than the last, n so far for 3 seasons it just keeps getting better. There are so few series that this can be said about normally all of them have a season thats disappointing, usually the 3rd one. CAN NOT WAIT for season 4. 

  • Icequeen169

    yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! i ws afraid she died… (sniff!!)

  • Chitwan

    Really can’t wait for its next season………..its gonna b amazing and Thank u guys for bringing in its next season……….

  • Purva Pokhriyal

    wat a classic series….dn’t eva stop it….just love it…..plzz bring season 4 soonn…..big fan!!

  • Wooorrrlllllld

    I belive season 4 will be great!!!!!!:)

  • Ayaz_ansari

    you guys are all most right, but don’t you think that they made it a bit obvious about the third cop, i mean, the were showing captain a bit to much. over all season 3 was superb. cant wait for season 4. 

  • HZW

    Beckett is not dead, because dead people don’t close there eyes.
    Eyes are naturally open on there own, you need to close them your self and you need a heartbeat for that. 
    Eyes are only close if you blink, sleep or if you are unconscious. 

  • HZW

    Beckett is not dead, because dead people don’t close there eyes.
    Eyes are naturally open on there own, you need to close them your self and you need a heartbeat for that. 
    Eyes are only close if you blink, sleep or if you are unconscious. 

  • HZW

    Beckett is not dead, because dead people don’t close there eyes.Eyes are naturally open on there own, you need to close them your self and you need a heartbeat for that. Eyes are only close if you blink, sleep or if you are unconscious.

  • HZW

    Rumour has it that the new captain will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald, best known for her role as President Palmer’s diabolical wife on 24. She’ll play Captain Victoria Gates.

  • HZW

    BTW: Castle Season 4 Episode 1 is called “Rise”

  • Elysarenee13

    I wonder what going to happen when castle and josh fights for kate`s love??

  • HZW

    Castle S04E01 “Rise” “Sneak Peek”
    ?Castle 4×01 Sneak Peek?? – YouTube

  • HZW
  • lucymai

    i love how the finale ended; im very eager to see season 4 (rise), i cannot wait to see what happens with the relationship with castle and beckets. But im also wondering what Beckets father is thinking since he showed up at caslte house asking if he could get her to change her mind about working this case and than his daughter ends up getting shot

  • lola lu

    this is a good website to see what happeneds in season 4 epi 1 RISE; it gives a lot of spoilers 

  • Ukalizai

    i love this drama :)

  • Fan 543

    When in September is the season 4 getting released.. anybody any idea???