The Carrie Diaries Two SATC Alums to Recur!

The Carrie Diaries Two SATC Alums to Recur!

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Two former SATC actresses have landed recurring roles on the Carrie Diaries!

According to TVLine Nadia Dajani-who played Nina Katz, aka the look girl, dated Aiden after Carrie and him broke up for the second time- and Noelle Beck - Big's first wife Barbara- will be appearing on CD.

Nadia Dajani (Ned and Stacey, The Big C) will portray Deb, a feisty woman who begins dating Carrie’s widower dad Tom without his daughters’ knowledge.


Noelle Beck (As the World Turns), will portray Ginny, Sebastian’s (Austin Butler) absent mother, who isn’t afraid to share the intimate details of her romantic life with him.

According to EP Amy Harris Sebastian's and Carrie's (Anna Sophia Robb) mother issues will be a focus when Ginny enters the picture.

“Both Carrie and Sebastian have been abandoned by their mothers — one, obviously, tragically and unintentionally, and Sebastian is dealing with a mother who abandoned him for her own selfish forays into her own life. They come at that mother relationship from a very different place. Sebastian is very weary of his mother, and Carrie has a very romanticized version of parents together and wanting a parent around all the time. It’s definitely going to highlight their differences. For me, the fun of it is really getting to see Sebastian’s backstory a bit more and what he’s been through that made him who he is. And Carrie, when you learn more about someone’s past and they open up to you, it gives you a greater intimacy in your relationship.”