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The Carrie Diaries Episode 8 "Hush, Hush" Spoilers

The Carrie Diaries Episode 8 "Hush, Hush" Spoilers

Check out the 5 major spoilers KsiteTV released for tonight's Carrie Diaries episode (8 "Hush, Hush")!  We finally get to meet 2 of the SATC staples!

1. Double Life? Double Trouble. Last week, we saw that Carrie is now juggling different internships — the one her father set up for her, and the glamorous one with Larissa and Interview magazine. She thinks she can go between both, but can she? Back in Castlebury, although she has decided that her affair is over, especially after Donna LaDonna caught her cheating, Maggie’s extracurricular activities may catch up with her.

2. Carrie meets some lifelong friends. No, not Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte… but, I will say that at least two elements of Sex and the City make their first Carrie Diaries appearances this time around.

3. Tom the wingman. Harlan drags Tom out on a double date of sorts, and of course, Tom is better at it than Harlan is.

4. Sebastian and Mouse! Executive Producer Amy B. Harris has said she loves writing scenes with this pairing, and it’s no surprise, because her awkwardness combined with his cool make for quite a combo. It’s unlikely, but it’s fun to see them around each other.

5. Shocks! There is, of course, a “do not reveal” list for this episode, and at least one moment where my jaw hit the floor because it was something unexpected.