The Carrie Diaries Episode 13 “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye” Guide

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March 23, 2013

The Carrie Diaries airs its season finale “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye” on Monday, April 8 on the CW at 8/7 c!


  • Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) is happy going to her junior prom, but when hidden secrets are revealed plans begin to change.
  • Dorrit (Stefania Owen) is determined to take her relationship with Miller (guest star Evan Crooks) to the next level, but things hit a bump along the way.
  • For the first time in her life, Mouse (Ellen Wong) decides to defy her parents to date whom she wants.
  • Tom (Matt Letscher) begins to struggle with sneaking around, especially when he thinks someone might be on to him.
  • Elsewhere, Larissa (Freema Agyeman) makes Carrie and Walt (Brendan Dooling) an enticing offer.