Bunheads Episode 2 “For Fanny” Guide

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June 2, 2012

“For Fanny” the second episode for the ABC show Bunheads airs Monday, June 18 9/est

  • Michelle (Sutton Foster) tries to find a way to fit into her new surroundings as her rocky start with her new mother-in-law finally seems tosmooth out until an unexpected occurrence turns everything on end
  • Michelle quickly finds herself back at odds with Fanny(Kelly Bishop) but at the same time wanting to empathize with her
  • Inspired by Fanny’s students, Michelle has an idea to help Fanny face the reality of the situation.


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  • Anon

    the man died right?

  • Bre

    I’m thinking that’s the case because he is not part of the main cast list, he’s apart of the recurring.