Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Spoilers: What Happens During The One Year Time Jump?

Zap2it has supplied us with some spoilers about what happens to the Walker family in the year time jump between the 4th season finale and the 5th season premiere of Brothers & Sisters. We've already learned the following:

  • Kevin and Scotty's attempts at a surrogacy pregnancy have failed but they may be on the road to becoming foster parents.
  • Rebecca and Justin will be at a crossroads in their marriage as Justin returns from his year in Haiti. Rebecca not only has to deal with that but also Holly's rumored memory loss.
  • Saul will continue to be asymptomatic but HIV+ and embark on a romance with a new character played by Stephen Collins.
  • Tommy will have returned to Seattle to be close to his daughter and estranged wife, Julia.

But what about the rest of the family?

  • Nora continues her quest to get a life for herself that does not revolve around her kids. She will get a job as a florist, and she may have a radio show called Ask Mom.
  • Kitty will be looking to reinvent herself after last year's tragedy. She has been hiding out in Ojai trying to figure out who she is besides a politican. That is where she will meet her new love interest, Jack played by Jeremy Davidson from Army Wives.
  • Sarah is happily married to Luc but dealing with tween daughter Paige. At Ojai, she is trying to figure out what to do with the water geyser. Her instinct is to sell it and take the money rather then dealing with a new buisness, but this may cause some problems within the Walker family.
  • Luc continues to work on his art...and becomes an underwear model.