Brothers & Sisters: Stephen Collins Talks Saul and Charlie is reporting that Stephen Collins's character Charlie will appear in the 4th episode of the 5th season of Brothers & Sisters scheduled to air on Oct. 17. Charlie will give us some insight into Saul's life in the year that the show has jumped forward. Saul and Charlie have been seeing each other and it just might be on the cusp of turning serious.

Brothers & Sisters Casting Spoilers: Monk vs. Field

Debra Monk will be debuting in the 5th episode of the 5th season of Brothers & Sisters as Alexandra Kirby, a rival for Sally Field's Nora. Previous spoilers hinted that Nora would be getting a job as the radio host of an Ask Mom Radio Program. Now we are learning she will have competition in the form of Monk's more experienced character.

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers - How Will We Say Goodbye to Rebecca? is reporting that when the 5th season of Brothers & Sisters opens, viewers are going to find the marriage of Justin and Rebecca at a very troubled point. Justin wanted to do medial work in Haiti for a year but Rebecca thought that was too long for them to be apart so early in their marriage. With the one year time jump the 5th season is going to be taking, we learn that Justin did go to Haiti.

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