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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 5 Episode 3


Air Date: 10/10/2017

Now that he's officially back at the precinct and desperate to solve a real case, Jake finds a loophole to get out of his temporarily designated desk duty....

Season 5 Episode 2

The Big House Pt.2

Air Date: 10/03/2017

When the warden asks Jake to investigate Romero's drug smuggling operation, Jake and Caleb find themselves caught between the loyalty Jake has sworn to both of them....

Season 5 Episode 1

The Big House Pt.1

Air Date: 09/26/2017

Jake and Rosa assimilate to their new lives behind bars, but both are coping in very different ways....

Season 4 Episode 17-18

Cop-Con/Chasing Amy

Air Date: 05/09/2017

The precinct packs up and heads to the Tri-State Police Officers' annual Cop-Con, which is usually the Nine-Nine's excuse for a big annual party....

Season 4 Episode 16

Moo Moo

Air Date: 05/02/2017

Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer (guest star Desmond Harrington) while off-duty in his own neighborhood....

Season 4 Episode 15

The Last Ride

Air Date: 04/25/2017

In what could be their last case as partners, Jake and Charles go to great extremes to apprehend a local bike thief....

Season 4 Episode 14

Serve & Protect

Air Date: 04/18/2017

Terry's ex replaces Teddy in evaluating the precinct, but Jake and Rosa are distracted by a burglary case that occurred on the set of one of their favorite detective TV shows....

Season 4 Episode 13

The Audit

Air Date: 04/11/2017

With the crime rate lowered, Brooklyn will be shutting down one of its precincts - permanently....

Season 4 Episode 12

The Fugitive Pt. 2

Air Date: 01/01/2017

A mass escape of convicts from a prison van in the streets of Brooklyn sends the entire squad on a manhunt...

Season 4 Episode 11

The Fugitive Pt. 1

Air Date: 01/01/2017

A mass escape of convicts from a prison van in the streets of Brooklyn sends the entire squad on a manhunt....

Season 4 Episode 10

Captain Latvia

Air Date: 12/13/2016

Charles enlists Jake’s help in tracking down his son’s favorite toy for Christmas, and the pair finds themselves accidentally facing off against a Latvian criminal ring as a result....

Season 4 Episode 9

The Overmining

Air Date: 12/06/2016

Captain "CJ" is having major problems with a big case, and Jake and Holt find the motivation to help him out....

Season 4 Episode 8

Skyfire Cycle

Air Date: 11/29/2016

When famous author DC Parlov receives death threats, Jake and Terry take the case, so that Terry can meet his lifelong hero...

Season 4 Episode 7

Mr. Santiago

Air Date: 11/22/2016

At Amy's intricately planned Thanksgiving dinner, Jake goes "full Santiago" (binder and all) in order to impress her father, a former cop...

Season 4 Episode 6

Monster in the Closet

Air Date: 11/15/2016

Pimento and Rosa decide to pick up where they left off and get married, so the whole squad preps a perfect wedding under Amy's careful direction...

Season 4 Episode 5

Halloween IV

Air Date: 10/18/2016

It's Halloween in the Nine-Nine, which can only mean one thing: heist time...

Season 4 Episode 4

The Night Shift

Air Date: 10/11/2016

As Jake struggles with his first case back at the precinct, he encounters Jess Day (NEW GIRL guest star Zooey Deschanel), who is visiting New York, and enlists her to help him find his suspect...

Season 4 Episode 3

Coral Palms Pt.3

Air Date: 10/04/2016

The team makes a road trip to Florida to try to help Jake and Holt take down Figgis...

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