Breaking Bad Spoilers: Which Talk Show Host Will Make A Cameo on the Penultimate Episode?

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July 29, 2013

CBS 2013 Upfront Presentation

Now, this is a good spoiler.

A Breaking Bad intel was accidentally spilled by talk show host, Charlie Rose on a recent event last July 28th. According to Huffington Post, during a conversation with showrunner Vince Gilligan, “Rose let slip that he’ll appear in the penultimate episode” of the AMC series.

Since the creator has always been tightly mum about the final episodes, the report said that he “slightly reprimanded” Rose for the spoiler. However, “the talk show host later apologized, but only after confirming that “[his] check would still be in the mail.”

As expected, that’s all the details we know for now. But for Gilligan’s answer if Rose will be appearing as himself, the showrunner answered, “He could be anyone.”

Speculations wanted! What do you think will be Charlie Rose’s participation in the story of Walter White?

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