Breaking Bad Spoilers: What Does the Future Hold for Skyler in Season 5?

Breaking Bad Spoilers: What Does the Future Hold for Skyler in Season 5?

The first time Emmy nominated actress Anna Gunn dished about her character, Skyler on the AMC hit series Breaking Bad. In an interview with TV Line, Gunn shared her excitement to fans as they fared successfully in ratings after the fifth season premiere. Speaking of which, TV Line didn't miss the chance to ask the actress about her character Skyler -- the things she could be pondering about in the near future, her relationship with Walt and the idea of Skyler facing a demise in season 5.

The premiere numbers were really something. In a climate when most shows can only hope to hold onto their audience, Breaking Bad is hitting all-time highs — in its fifth season.
That blew me away, given the whole thing about [DISH Network] and people not being able to see it. Also, when I think the writing can’t get any better, it does. The storylines get more complex and the characters get richer…. I really bow down to [series creator] Vince [Gilligan] and all the writers, because I don’t know how they do it. And I can never ever predict, from the beginning of a season to the end, how it’s going to go. They always take a hairpin turn.

What is going on inside Skyler’s head at this instant, as Walt hugs her and says, “I forgive you“?
She’s in not a good place. Of course she only knew a little bit at the beginning — she thought it was “just” drug dealing and cooking, she didn’t realize it went as far as it did. So when she realizes at the end of Season 4 that he had something to do with Gus Fring’s death, the bottom has fallen out of her life. Any illusion of control that she had is just smashed. It’s like she’s in free-fall, desperately trying to reach out for something to hang onto, and for the first time in the series she doesn’t know what move to make next. I think she feels like she is being held hostage by Walt, like she is backed so far into the comer there’s nowhere for her to go. Skyler thought she could fix it, or steer it, but she realizes there’s no way. So all these emotions have been bubbling up finally just boil over.

As you alluded, earlier on it was for semi-altruistic reasons that Walt was dabbling in meth. But now, he’s aiming to be the meth king just to be the meth king. Does Skyler go along with it out of some sense of guilt, because she blew their money…?
I think it’s a question for her, why she doesn’t take the kids and run off somewhere, why she doesn’t turn him into the police. She is in it now. She’s culpable, and she has been part of it, so she’s stuck in it like quicksand that’s pulling her down. She feels like there is no escape, and everything she has tried to do to make it be “OK,” none of those things has worked. They’ve only gotten her deeper into it.

Would it surprise you if, at the end of the day, Skyler doesn’t make it out of the series alive?
It wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t make it out. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did somehow rise above it. Like I say, you can never predict where they’re going to take these characters, and I’m as fascinated as anybody to find out!

Source: TV Line