Breaking Bad Spoilers: Season 5 Intel You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

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July 4, 2012

Just days before the premiere episode of Breaking Bad’s final season, a lot of spoilers have already been teased and photos of Walt and the whole crew are spilled. But then as much as we are already filled up with enticing information and sneaky sneak peeks, we really just can’t get enough of the AMC series.

So.. As an addition to your Breaking Bad collection of spoilers, here’s what we have fresh!

Question: I must know if Mike is going to be in the final season of Breaking Bad. My heart will shatter into a million pieces if he isn’t. —Ava

Ausiello: Not only is he in it, but he plays a major role in the first two episodes – both of which I’ve seen; they had me (not surprisingly) completely riveted. A few other non-spoilery spoilers about Episodes 1 and 2: Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus may be gone, but his spirit looms large; Walt will literally become a magnet for trouble; and someone we thought was dead isn’t!

Catch the season 5 premiere on July 15th, Sunday only on AMC.

Source: Michael Ausiello, TV Line