Breaking Bad Spoilers: Is Saul Still Planning to Escape from Walt?

Breaking Bad Spoilers: Is Saul Still Planning to Escape from Walt?

In Breaking Bad season 5 premiere, Walt paid Saul a visit to discuss everything that happened about their money -- Skyler's involvement, the IRS and Ted Beneke. Saul explained everything to Mr. Scarface that apparently displeased him in a colossal degree. As a result, Saul wants to get out of his radar, and cut their relationship permanently. But Walt, being the badass that he has become, said in a devious whisper "We're done when I say we're done."

Oops. That was harsh and scary indeed. Still we can't help but wonder if Saul is cooking another escape route from Walter White. To end our agony, we discovered that Bob Odenkirk was asked about the same thing in behalf of his character Saul Goodman in an AMC blog.

Q: Saul ended last season trying to get as far away from Walter White as possible. Do you think Saul is still planning his escape?

Yes. Anxiously looking for some "out." Walt has surprised everyone with how ruthless he can be, and I think if Saul didn't think Walt was such a brutal, intelligent, dangerous person then he would find an easy way out. Of course, Saul got into business with Walter because Walter seemed smart -- which is why he's ultra-scary.

Hope that helped a bit. Hit the comments if you think Saul can outsmart Walt!

Source: AMC Blog