Breaking Bad Spoilers: How Much Money Does Walt Have Left?

Breaking Bad Spoilers: How Much Money Does Walt Have Left?

Our favorite Mr. Chips turned Scarface, Walter White is back in business as Breaking Bad season 5 premiers tonight in AMC. With all theories and speculations lifted in his victorious mind-battle with Gus last season, a little auditing on Walt's financial meth income is sure an interesting subject to start off the final season.

Clearly, his want to relocate his family into another dimension to the point of no return was totally adverse. Leaving his wife Skyler, the one to blame for settling the IRS fees with Ted Beneke. In great desperation, Skyler cashed out $621,000 from Walt's money. As a result, their supposedly 'great escape' plotted the way for Gus Fring's explosive half-faced murder.

Walt, at that moment of high level of pressure and short time frame was just a basket of evil and immorality. He knew his family is the only thing Gus can have as leverage against him and he's not gonna let that happen, not unless he's dead anyway. So, with the short supply of funds and let's not forget Hector Salamanca's bell as the bomb detonator, Walter White has plotted the perfect crime -- eliminating his biggest enemy and ultimately, cutting the threat against his family.

Now that all slate is wiped-clean, excluding his conscience ofcourse, Walt the God of meth is back in business. But just how much did he actually spend in cleaning up? And just how much is all that's left? Check out Walter White's latest infographic released by AMC and find out if the king is broke or whatnot.

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