Breaking Bad Spoilers: Dean Norris Tweets Funny Photo BTS! Plus, Season 5 Scoop!

Breaking Bad Spoilers: Dean Norris Tweets Funny Photo BTS! Plus, Season 5 Scoop!

Actor Dean Norris who plays DEA ASAC Hank Schrader on AMC's Breaking Bad gave fans a preview on what's abound when season 5 resumes next year. What will be Hank's next move after discovering a major piece of evidence linking to the real Heisenberg? Will Walter White finally face his end game? Those are only two of the burning questions all of us are dying to know.

On the image below, Dean Norris posed for the camera mocking Hank's sleuthing on his brother-in-law. (I for one would rather NOT see Hank use a page from that book as an a**wiper.)

For now all we can anticipate is that when season 5 reconvene, Hank will still be on the throne, so to speak. Additionally, the actor also revealed a critical season 5 spoiler. Check out what he captioned the image with ---

First new episode BB titled The Decision. What's Hank's next move...

If you're like us, there's nothing better than hearing it from the actors themselves. "The Decision" seems ambiguous at the moment but it can certainly be narrowed between Hank and Walt's future actions. Who ever holds that decision can only be expected to draw one of the show's most engaging storyline. When Breaking Bad hits our small screens again, a convoluted mind game between Hank and Walt will most likely flare up. As to which one gets buried with paranoia or who bamboozles their way out? -- that's another thing to watch out for.

Source: Twitter

It's your turn to speak up! What do you think "The Decision" means? Hit up the comments for your predictions.

'Breaking Bad' returns in summer 2013.