Breaking Bad Season 5 Spoilers: Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston Tease The Final 8 Episodes!

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February 12, 2013

The stars of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn talked to TV Guide where they previewed the second half of season 5 which will run for eight episodes.

In retrospect, the midseason cliffhanger of season 5 left fans bemused when DEA agent Hank Schrader finally learns that his arch nemesis, Heisenberg is no other than his brother-in-law, W.W. / Walter White. Can Walt finagles his way out of this mess?

I’ve collected the spoilers revealed by the portrayers of Walt and Skyler below, please enjoy!

  • The repercussions of Walter White’s transgression is taking effect, Anna Gunn shares:

“It feels literally like the apocalypse. Walt’s actions have touched everyone around him, so we are all being affected. The world’s crumbling, and you’re watching everybody fall apart.”

  • Bryan Cranston is directing the midseason premiere, and he teased that things are going to be emotional –

“There are going to be tears. There are two scenes with a neighbor lady named Carol. One is very sweet and nice. And one is not.”

  • New characters will be introduced and a good news for Skyler is coming as well — a new car!
  • No one is safe! One of the series regulars will kick the bucket before the finale! More from Gunn below:

“Anybody could go at any time. Trust me, it’s going to be worth the wait.”

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