Breaking Bad Burning Questions Get Answered -- The Cancer, Walt and Jesse's Relationship and Hank's Next Move

Breaking Bad Burning Questions Get Answered -- The Cancer, Walt and Jesse's Relationship and Hank's Next Move

Breaking Bad season 5 mid-season finale swept us off our feet. I don't know about you but I simply can't find the perfect word or words to describe the show's impeccable demonstration between the good and the bad. I mean sure, Walter White has been quite on a killing spree this season but Bryan Cranston makes it difficult to make me hate his character especially when I look at Walt as a caring and loving father.

On the eighth episode of Breaking Bad season 5 "Gliding Over All", a number of openhanded events were disclosed. We saw Walter go through a full body scan but the result was not revealed, or atleast not yet. Jesse, was visited by Mr. Scarface who said that he happens to be 'just in the neighborhood', really, Walt? That scene which was just awkward in so many levels, made me see through Walt as a person again, as a human being who's trying to be a friend to Jesse. However, Jesse felt the exact opposite which we soon discovered the moment he pulled out a handgun on his waistband. Now that he's made it clear that he's already done with the meth biz, where can we see Jesse on the final eight episodes?

Meanwhile, after the montage of simultaneous killing-spree and the newly, very promising Czech-related operations of Walt as a Meth God, the king has decided to quit. Question is: is it for real? Or is Walt simply making another white lie to his wife, Skyler?

Soon after the monumental 'I quit' innuendo, we enjoyed looking over their crystal-meth-clear swimming pool and became a witness to Skyler and Walt's little get together as a family again. Unfortunately, that serene reunion was cut off when DEA officer Hank had to excuse himself. In which he later on realized that what he unveiled could be the smartest or the most difficult discovery he ever has to deal with in his entire "monster-chasing" career.

So, officer Hank, what could be your initial thoughts after absorbing this gigantic Heisenberg secret?Well, sorry fans I think we have to wait 'til next summer for that, but wait! Vince Gilligan, the genius behind the greatness of Walter White, has answers to all your scorching questions in a conference call with reporters about Sunday night's mid-season finale.

Has Walt really quit the meth business?
Gilligan: We can either take him at his word or not … I tend to believe, personally, he was telling the truth when her told [Skyler] that. Have we seen him cooking his last batch? … We’re still working out the final eight episodes.

How much will Jesse be on the show now that he’s quit the meth biz?
Gilligan: He’s going to have plenty to do … Just because he’s out of the business doesn’t mean he’s off the show. It would not be the same show without [actor Aaron Paul's] wonderful contribution.

Given the scene of Walt getting a medical scan followed by his decision to quit the meth business, can we assume Walt’s cancer has returned?
Gilligan: The best way to put it is that we try to never have a scene in our show that adds up to nothing. If you go through to the trouble to have the crew build a set and shoot a scene, it better be important … it’s not for nothing that that scene is in there.

Where does Walt and Jess’s relationship go from here?
Gilligan: That last scene had a very nostalgic and bittersweet feel … and it feels like a goodbye scene between those two characters. … Jesse is coming into his own. He was much less an assistant and more of a partner [this season] … The partnership does seem to be fractured; there’s no repairing the fracture … Jesse had his gun in his waistband, he doesn’t trust his former partner as far as he can throw him.

How will Hank react to learning Walt is Heisenberg?
Gilligan: I have to be a little coy … but I can tell you this: It has been the subject of great debate amongst the seven writers, myself included … You run through every possible permutation … It’s hard to put yourself into Hank’s head at the moment… you’ve got to think, this probably the single biggest most horrible revelation he’s ever had in his life.

how do you think Hank will act upon his discovery of Heisenberg? Let us know, hit the comments now!

Source: EW