TJ Thyne Shares Some ‘Bones” Scoop About Season 7

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July 12, 2011

Bones will be back on set July 20th to resume filming for season 7. Bones’ resident particulate expert, TJ Thyne chatted with Jim Halterman and shared some spoilery scoop concerning Angela, Hodgins and baby Hogela.

I’m so excited that Jack and Angela are going to be parents. I’m just giddy about it! I think we’re going to see all those first year mistakes of parenting. We’re going to just mess everything up in the best way and I’m sure Jack is going to be an uber-excited Dad who does everything wrong in the Mom’s eyes. I’ll bring the baby to work and have the baby strapped to me while we’re doing experiments and Angela will come in and say ‘What are you doing?!’ I can only imagine that Jack is going to fall madly in love with this kid and he’ll be the perfect Dad. He’ll mess everything up but it will be all because of love. It’ll be really fun.

  • Linda Johnson

    I think  that season is  going to be just SO AWESOME because B&B are expecting and also Jack  will being  doing some of the baby tending!!!