“The Memories In The Shallow Grave” Will Send Booth And Brennan Down A Path Of Reflection

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July 6, 2011

I recently spoiled that Booth and Brennan will be diving into their own dark upbringings as they prepare for parenthood themselves. Well, in the Bones season 7 premiere, “The Memories In The Shallow Grave”, EP Stephan Nathan confirms that the gang will be dealing with an amnesia victim, placing them on a path of reflection into their own pasts.

“We’ll be dealing with an important aspect of Booth’s family as well,” Nathan says. “Both of them had quite unique and difficult upbringings. It’s about finding out how memories affect [them] going forward.”

So, it’s a given Ryan O’Neil will be returning as Brennan’s father, but will we get to see a glimpse of Booth’s estranged father?
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Source: TV Guide

  • caro1212

    Can not wait for the season premier on November 3rd. Ha there future will be a happy one. The tow of theme can be there for one and other as always and they will need each other they are each other’s strength.