The Close Of The Sniper Arc And Booth In The Crosshairs

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March 30, 2011

The Bones sniper arc will come to an end in the next to last episode of this season. EP Stephen Nathan promises that Broadsky’s run on the show will come to a close, one way or another. As a side dish Nathan also spoiled that an inexperienced twenty-something female special-agent will put Booth in direct danger from Broadsky.
Source: TV Guide

  • Phillip Brisimitzakis

    Will this develop into Hannah part 2?
    After Brennan has a “Booty Call” with an FBI agent in the spinoff Finder.
    I wonder if the writer will have Booth react with this young female agent
    to get even with Brennan.

  • Anonymous

    I find it difficult to believe that Bones will really make a booty call after professing her feelings for Booth and the two of them knowing there is a “date” they’ll get together! Would she really be that stupid as to flaunt it in front of Booth?!

  • caro1212

    I agree with you I don’t think that there will really be a butty call since the wish that they have done together or maybe the butty call will end to be with Booth? What do you think I think that this could be a possibility????… But, seven season as they say lucky seven…..
    I really hope that they will have a happy ending.

  • Anonymous

    I hope your scenario doesn’t happen! IF it did, the writers would lose all the credibility they have left after this miserable 6th. season! Would mean more stupid games and B&B characters acting like children! Enough of the childish behavior and now we need an “adult relationship” between them