Stephan Nathan Teases 'Bones' Season 7

Stephan Nathan Teases 'Bones' Season 7

Bones long awaited coupling has finally happened and now our would be lovers are tied together forever with a fresh twist. Executive Producer Stephan Nathan reveals some spoilery details about Booth and Brennan's new addition and how season 7 will play out.

“It’s not like Alf has come into their lives, it’s something real,” he said. “We want that to affect the show, but it’s not gonna be a show about having babies. It’s not Parenthood. I’m sure there are gonna be some viewers who are upset. ‘Oh, the baby’s gonna do this and do that.’ A lot of viewers always make up their mind on how we’re gonna ruin the show before it happens. [Laughs] And hopefully we will disappoint those viewers. And the viewers who have faith that we’ll be able to take the show into new territory well, we hope we won’t disappoint them. We’re very, very excited about being able to do the show that we love doing, but do it with fresh eyes.”

We're going to miss out on the actual conception of baby bones, but Season 7 won't skip too far ahead.

“It’s not gonna be two weeks later. We’ll see them a little bit further along. Exactly how far along remains to be seen. We’re working on that now.”

I'm sure a lot of work will be done to ensure a perfect Booth/Brennan blend. Nathan teases,

“Well, we’ll see them as a couple — whatever a couple means to Booth and Brennan. [Laughs] It will be that unique couple. It won’t be what you expect. Moving into Season 7, [the pregnancy] cements their relationship and forces them to accept the fact that they are a couple, they are in love and that they will be moving forward together."

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide